Serving the Auto Parts Industry for over 70 years!

At Crown Auto Parts & Rebuilding, our staff of friendly and knowledgeable professionals are available to help you get the auto supplies you need to optimize your car’s performance and rebuilding needs. From new spark plugs  to upgrading your old fuel pump, we provide all these and much more.

Crown Auto Parts & Rebuilding started in 1946 as a little store right after WWII for a car guy returning from overseas.  Located in the Heart of Saint Louis, north of World Famous Delmar Loop area.  We grew.  Each year expanding the depth of parts and items to meet customer needs, we grew. As competing parts stores would go out of business we would buy their inventory. 

We are now three generations of car guys with extensive knowledge to meet our clients needs.  Want it rebuilt? we can do that.  Need help making your car or truck go faster?  We can do that.  Have items that needs pressed or machined? We can do that too.  Like we said... Your number one source.

We Rebuild all are items in house using the newest kits available for our Rebuilt New Units (RNU) We stock both New Old Stock parts (NOS), new reproduction parts (NRP), New old Rebuilt Stock (NORS),  and high performance parts. 

We are determined to become your first stop for all your restoration needs. 

As the folks here in St. Louis say…“If Crown doesn’t have it, can repair it or find it.. no one can!” Who knows the part you are looking for could be on one of our shelves now waiting for us to list it? So if you don’t see something just ask.

Many of our items are old and antique and have been sitting on shelves for years and have shelf wear. We do our best to stock the very best quality available and restore them to new whenever possible.

Please keep in mind; many of these parts are 30 to 90 years old. We did not make these items;  We rebuilt them back to better than new. We are just car lovers bringing these pieces of history available to you and your rides. 


If you have any questions, please ask.


We respond to all inquiries before the end of the business day and ship all items at the end of day the sale clears.

Crown Auto Parts & Rebuilding

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