Agency Power Performance Plenum Kit Porsche 987 Boxster | 987 Cayman S 2.7L 3.4L 05-08[AP-987-105]

The Agency Power Racing Plenum kit consists of entire new throttle body and T-Pipe plenum to boost up your Porsche 987 2.7L or 3.4L engine power, torque, and throttle response.  The plenum uses the larger Cayenne Turbo throttle body to direct more air into the normal aspirated engine.  This throttle body is spec'd from road and dyno testing to give the best responsive for the 987 Cayman Boxster engine.  Since the engine works off of pulses, it is not as important of the shape of the T-Pipe but the throttlebody diameter and how much useable air flow you are getting.  Agency Power's Racing Plenum uses a combination of factory Porsche parts and our custom made aluminum T-Pipe to guarantee you an OEM look, fit, and finish with no troubles or false claims.  As tested on both left and right hand drive vehicles, the plenum does not impede shifter cables or other sensors functionality.  The plenum is a direct plug and play and includes the necessary adapters, clamps, silicone hoses to fit to your car.  Tuning is not required, though as tested with our VR Tuned, gains 25 wheel horsepower which is approximately 35bhp.

Agency Power Racing Plenum Kit Includes -

  • Agency Power Black Powdercoat T-Pipe Plenum

  • Larger Porsche OEM Cayenne TT Throttle Body

  • Black Silicone Elbow Hoses

  • Aluminum Pipe Coupling

  • Porsche OEM Hose with Clamps and Reducer

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